She Wants Revenge.

I want to hold you close, skin pressed against me tight. Lie still, close your eyes girl - so lovely, it feels so right.
I want to hold you close. Soft breath, beating heart - as I whisper in your ear, "I wanna fucking tear you apart"

She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart. Det blir knappast bättre.

I'm humanoid woah oooh ohhh

Against the love
Against the fight
Against the sun
Against the night
Against the rules
Against the force
Against the wall
Against it all.

I'm humanoid woah oooh ohhh


Every time I see you, oh, I try to hide away.


Cause' of you, I'm lying awake at night,
All I'm seeing are pictures of you.
As I close my eyes, I fade my way into the laws of my dream world.
It's a place of trust, would you meet me there?

Cause' of you, my tries to not think of you,
They just end up in one million thoughts.
It's way too much to mention,
See what I mean when you see my creation.

It's a place of trust, I can meet you there.
There's no time to spare, come and show me you care,
What you're believing will here become real!

Here's a letter for you.

Nu blir det inte bättre.
Come on let me hold you, touch you, feel you - always.

Oh, God.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - With A Heavy Heart.
Lyssna, och älska. Skönare låt får man leta efter!

Oh, God.

Sensation White.

Åh, jag måste vara världens känsligaste människa idag.

Kolla vid 04:00 och 05:30.
Mina favoriter. Jag har seriöst varit där, och nu gråter jag.

Jag måste sova. Puss.

Zombie Nation.

Obeskrivligt underbart. Jag har inga ord. 

So close, no matter how far.

Sen den, älska den.

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